Big fish small pond – Small fish big Ocean

Hi Guys,

Teachers call it ‘ Going from being the big fish in the little pond to being the small fish in the big ocean’. Yes, it’s the step from primary school to high school. This year I am going to be the innocent looking, squeaky clean year 7. People ask me if I’m scared or nervous, but no, I mean, what is there to scared of? For me, it’s a new challenge and I’m ready for it.

For these situations, everyone has their own tips and tricks to make the first day easier. You could be joining a new sporting club, the local book club or, like me, the first day of high school. If you do have any of these tips, please share them. Who knows, you might make someone’s first day just that bit easier.






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End of Year 6

Hi Guys,

And so it has come. The year has ended for the year 6’s and it certainly went out with a bang.

First we had the year 6 Disco in the hall and it sure lived up to expectations. With a D.J. belting out songs, disco lights everywhere and heaps of food, it was a night to remember. We danced till our legs felt like jelly and laughed till our faces were sore. I think every one had a good night’s sleep that night.

Then we had T-Shirt signing. We all wore a T-Shirt with all of our names on it and got everyone to sign their names with marker and a message if they wanted to.

That night we all went to the church for our Graduation. It was a night to reflect on all the things we had done in the last 7 years and to look forward at all the amazing things to come when we go to high school. But the best part was showing everyone the dances we had made up and been practising for the last few weeks. It was so much fun.

Finally our last day arrived. but it would have been one of the ‘funnest’ days of primary school. All of the year 6’s went to Adventure Park for the day. We got drenched in water at the water park and got our hearts racing on the water slides. But one of the best bits was going on the paddle boats. They were so much fun especially when running in to each other… By the end of the day our feet were sore and we were all tired but we certainly had a day to remember.

So it was back to school for the final goodbyes and trading of contact details and school was out, for the last time.To all the people I have meet along the way, I will miss you all but there will but a special part in my heart for you all. Good Luck for next year and all the years to come.

To all of you and to my readers I wish you a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.


Different Meanings

Hi Guys,

I was in my room last night when a song I hadn’t heard for a while started playing. But this time the song meant something to me. Since last time I had heard it I had an experience that made me realise the full meaning of the song. This can happen to anyone, with different things like books, movies. Things can happen and suddenly the meaning can be something completely different.

Has this happened to you before? If so please share your experiences.


What is “Perfect”?

Hi Guys,

I was thinking last night in bed, what is the meaning of the word perfect? Think about, really what in life is perfect? There is no such thing as the perfect hair style, because in one person’s eyes the hair style is wonderful but for someone else it’s not at all. This is the same with lots of things eg. Garden beds, houses and everything from the perfect technique for whipping eggs. But then you get to the things that are made perfect. Things like pianos, computers, basically anything made by a machine. But these things haven’t got a lot of personality do they? The thing with a piano is it may look perfect, but one scratch can make all the difference. That scratch gives it personality and a story to tell.

Which gets to my next point. Every body in life wants to be perfect, but saying nobody’s perfect does get to the point. No matter how hard we try no one can be perfect. But really who wants to be perfect? As I said above, being perfect doesn’t give you personality does it?

What do you think? If you any thing to share, please do.


Time for Term 4

Hi guys,

After a relaxing two week holiday, term 4 has started. And what an exciting term it is going to be, as it’s the last term at primary school for us year 6’s. Oh boy, what a lot of work we have to do already! We are about to start reading and inquiry groups and for some of us we have bike ed to look forward to. Well, to the year 6’s, make the most of this term.

To finish off with, what was your favourite part of the holidays? Mine, sleeping in.



Lets take a step forward

Hi Guys,

I am really sorry I haven’t posted and thing for awhile so take a step forward and get this blog back on track. It is now week 8 of term 3 and the weather is getting warmer. Yeah!

Over the past term lots of things have happen, so I’ll just tell a few: All of us year six’s made our confirmation, we had an excursion to the ‘Victorian Institute of Sport’, we recently had ‘Book Week’ which was a lot of fun and just last week we had the first day of our school talent show!

Also this time of year it is finals season for most sports and that means for a lot of people things like extra training and full-on games of sport. No finals for me coming up this time but it has been a great season of sport and I have a lot of fun! Good luck to any who made it to the finals!

Well that’s all from me.

Enjoy the weather!                                                                                                                                                        Alissa

School’s Out!

Hi Guys,

After a long 11 week term, school’s finally finished, and what a great overall term it was. With things like year 6 camp, Athletics day, Lightning premiership and Star groups it made it a great term.

So enjoy the hoildays!


Lighting Premership

Hi Guys,

On  Wednesday 13 June the year 5/6 all participated in the Lightning Premiership. In the Lightning Premiership we played against other schools in Netball, Softball and Football. I participated in netball.

Our team won all of our 3 games, the last being the hardest to win.

Our team went though to the next round on Monday. We won 4 out of five games and drew once. We missed out on winning the title by one point against us. Good job to Montpellier who won the title. But well done to all our girls for getting there in the first place! A huge thank you to our coach Tania for helping us the whole way.

Good luck to the softball team who also got through.

Alissa                                                                       Our Team


School Camp!

Hi Guys,

Sorry I’m so late putting this post up. Here’s what happened at camp.

On Friday 4th may all the year 6’s came back from a 3 day camp.

On day 1 of year 6 camp we had our first stop at the Colac Botanical gardens. Then we got back on the bus for the next part of our drive to Kangaroobie. When we got to Kangaroobie we got our bags from the bus and went to the courtyard. Matt, the man who owned the place, was waiting for us. One by one he sent us to our cabins. Apparently our cabin (Halls Of Halladale) was haunted. Once we reached our cabin we got our stuff and got ready for our beach hike. The beach hike was the longest hike I have ever done in my life! After we had got near there Matt was waiting for us with afternoon tea, YUM!! Then when we got to the beach we were all told to stay away from the water in case we fell in or even worse, drowned. Me and my best friend Chloe were having fun running around up and down the dunes. We loved it! My other friends Molly and Adriana were in the sand making a Mocking Jay –  from the Hunger Games. At least on the way back to Kangaroobie it was all down hill. Once we got back we had the chance to have a shower and little free time, then we had dinner. Dinner was yummy. We had spaghetti bolognese and for dessert apple crumble. Then we played minute to win it, from about 7:30pm to 9:30pm. After that we had supper. We had some warm hot chocolate and chocolate cake. It was a great first day!

On day 2 we were split up in to 4 groups and had a day full of activities. My group’s first activity was Man vs Wild where we went out in some bush land and had to make a waterproof  hut and a fire to cook damper on. The fire was the hardest to get going because everything was damp because it had been raining. Our second activity was Farm activities. We went around the farm on the back of  trailer and looked around. We got to feed cows and a little baby calf. After this we had lunch. After lunch my group had Canoeing. This wasn’t as easy as I thought, but it would be a great thing to learn. During some of the games some people fell into the lake! Our last, but my favourite activity was the Ropes and Obstacle course. You had to complete a series of obstacles and try to get the fastest time. It was great fun getting wet and muddy but you had to look out for leeches! But probably the best part was when we got back to camp and had a nice warm shower. That night we watched the movie ‘We Bought a Zoo’. It was a great day!


We started off the morning by packing our bags and tidying our cabins. It was a great struggle to get all our clothes back into our bags, I mean really, how do our parents do it?! We had our last breakfast and made our lunches for later that day. We reflected on our camp and gave out a few awards. Then we had to say goodbye to everyone at Kangaroobie. 🙁 On the way back we visited the Twelve Apostles and Loch Ard Gorge. It was very cold, but for me anyway, it was great to see the landmarks for the first time. We stopped at the Colac Botanical Gardens for lunch and had a run around before the last part of our journey home. When got back to school we were all just about asleep. When our parents took us home we all had lots of stories to share and sleep to catch up on.


We had the best time at camp! Here is a video I have made of what we did at camp!



School’s Back

Hi Guys,

Hope everyone had a relaxing holiday. School’s back and this time it’s a long 11 week term. We have a very exciting term ahead of us with things coming up like Athletics Day, Year 6 Camp and the Lightning Premiership {Interschool sport}.  This post is only a short one because the next one I’ll do will be on Year 6 Camp and is sure to be a long one.

What did you do on the holidays?